Drawing of Observatory

A Poem to Dr. Lew


An empty feeling of space
Fills my heart and my mind,
As I try to understand
No answers I can find.

He was a good friend
Noble, honest and true,
Liked by all
Not known by only a few.

He moved through thoughts
With clarity and ease,
He opened the doors of logic
Because he had the keys.

Astronomy was his love
He really knew it well,
He could orbit the Moon and Earth
In the math that he would tell.

But now there is a silence
As we all miss his sight,
No longer do we see him
The room is less bright.

But let us be consoled
His footprints still remain
He walks with us in spirit
Without a trace of pain

Somewhere in a world
Maybe somewhere in space,
He looks down upon us
With a smile upon his face.

So although we will miss him
His voice still soft and true,
He says don't' forget my name
Remember - its Dr. Lew!

Karl J. Hricko

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