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Renewal and Renovation at Sperry Observatory

The following letter is addressed to all members of AAI.

Dear Fellow AAI Members,

Things have happened over the summer, and you will notice that Sperry looks a little different now. After years of neglect by UCC, recently installed President McMenamin's administration has stepped in to do some much needed work. When you visit Sperry you will see freshly painted walls, polished floors, a refurbished hallway to the lavatories and office, an enclosed front portico to help keep out the cold and hot weather, changes/improvements to the HVAC, leaks/drips abated in the shop, and new audio/video/media equipment in the classroom. Still to come are new furniture for the classroom, repairing the floor in the east dome and fixing the leak above it, and refurbishing the office - one-half for faculty use and one-half for AAI use.

Many AAI members have helped to facilitate these changes by 1) removing everything on the walls prior to painting, and replacing them after completion, and 2) undertaking the huge job of packing up the library into boxes, to be replaced upon completion of the classroom renovations. Thank you for your hard work. Also in store is the completion of the mold removal from the west dome ceiling.

With the help of Clif Ashcraft, members of your Executive Committee have put forth a proposal to locate the Henry and Mary Adams Observatory, together with related telescope and equipment, at the Trailside Nature and Science Center. Clif and Ray Shapp have put in a lot of work designing and depicting the proposed observatory and the suggested site for it. Because of possibly lengthy County procedures, however, even if the Trailside observatory is approved, please do not expect to see it in operation very soon.

The Executive Committee and Finance Committee have been considering repairs to the sundial, which is in a terrible state of decay. A UCC student club has independently undertaken a project to raise funds for this and has approached us for input. This project is in the early stages, but we hope that, between the College, the student club, and AAI, the repair to the Sundial will happen.

While it must be realized that UCC's upgrade of Sperry has been primarily engendered by the College's increased use of Sperry as a classroom/lab, it is being done in consultation with our College Liaison Committee, whose suggestions do not merely fall on deaf ears. The College also fully supports the retention of the library at Sperry and the maintenance of the machine shop for our use. We look forward to a continuing good working relationship, and an amicable renewal of our Agreement with UCC which will expire on June 30, 2012.


Richard Greenstein

President, Amateur Astronomers, Inc.

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