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A Poem to George Skidmore


Let this be a prelude
To a part of AAI
To say that here's a member,
That flew and saw the sky.

As amateur astronomer
And navigator too,
He always saw the sky,
And the stars that he knew.

George Skidmore was a friend
Who always shared a tale,
He would tell us a story
That made us laugh without fail.

He would recount his exploits
Of flight in a B - 24,
Including his navigation
He could never be called a bore.

When you saw an orange cap
You would know its Skid,
It was his special signature
Of everything he did.

But now the cap is gone
And so is his gait,
Skid is here no more
He had another date.

When people leave this world
Who knows where they may go,
Wherever it may be
Skid will navigate and go.

So let us raise our caps
To say we would prefer,
That strictly most of all,
He was - an astronomer.

Karl J. Hricko

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