“My First Telescope

At the age of 8 my first telescope was a refractor that came in a large wooden box with a wood tripod.  I do remember it had a white tube with black trim, along with a diagonal, barlow and some lenses. I was a Cub Scout at the time of the Space Race and thought it was the most exciting  scientific device I’d ever seen.  Unfortunately it saw very little use as it required my parental supervision.  Think Christmas Story and replace The BB gun with a Telescope.  Anyway most of my elementary school childhood  was preoccupied with collecting Frogs and other critters from the UCC pond and bringing them into our house. 

    Little did I know that some time later the William Miller Sperry Observatory would be constructed in my backyard. 

I have now graduated to some proper astronomy gear but I am a beginner and eager to undertake this marvelous journey.  I will post on my progress and welcome comments.

Also if anyone has a similar story on their first Telescope please add it to the blog. 

Clear Skies

Sperry Observatory is open to the public on Friday nights from 7:30 pm - 10:30 pm. A presentation on an astronomy related topic is given at 8:30 pm. The public is invited to do observing through our 2 large telescopes, a 10 inch refractor and a 24 inch reflector.