Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the officers and the chairs of all the standing committees. The Executive Committee meets once a month at the observatory on the Thursday 1 week (eight days) before the General Meeting. General Meetings are held on the third Friday of each month from September through May. During the Summer months when there are no General Meetings, the Executive Meetings are scheduled as if there were General Meetings.

To repeat, the Exec meetings are always eight days prior to the third Friday. Note that in some months, the Exec meeting is NOT the second Thursday.

Meetings usually begin at 8pm, but the start time may be a little later to accommodate other functions that are sometimes scheduled in the observatory.

Any member in good standing is invited to attend the Executive Committee meetings.

Officers and Trustees

  • President – Marc Stobinski
  • Vice President – John Sichel
  • Recording Secretary – Al Witzgall
  • Corresponding Secretary – Donna Harris
  • Treasurer – Richard Greenstein
  • Trustee – Shelley Shaffery
  • Trustee – Steve Kozma
  • Trustee – Bob Ruggiero

The Member’s Handbook